We consume and live on words. Almost effortlessly we chew on words verbally, non-verbally, consciously and subconsciously. The volume we consume daily and in  lifetime can be phenomenal. Someone may argue that he does not talk and can in fact remain silent for 24 hours or more. My question is: “How do you stop your thought from making various formations in words?” If you know of anyway other than drugging (with harmful consequences) yourself into a zombie state, please share with us. I have observed people groups with relatively limited vocabularies but they still use words (sounds and signs of words) to communicate and think in words.

Sometimes I feel sad that we take words for granted. We make utterances without considering the effect on the recipients. No one can claim that words have no impact. Some people realize too late that the horrible names they have casually spoken on their own loved ones (spouses, children), like: fat pig, dead dog, foolish egg, cow dung, damned, stupid donkey, big-mouth, ugly face, toothless, dead ghost etc. may have become hurtful and damning lifelong curses. In some countries the registrars of birth have forbidden the use of certain immoral, unethical and even unsightly names for the new born. I understand why someone may not like being told what names not to use but I agree with the registrars that we need to respect God for giving this world a new life and the new born child is just as human worthy of honor and a positive start in life as his or her counterpart anywhere in this world.

Imagine the ridicule and damage when the child first encounters another child when he introduces himself as a stupid…something. Thank God you can always go to the authority and change your child’s name or even your name legally. Christians receive a new name when baptized. You can start afresh. Start now. Use words respectfully. Love means honor and respect and not causing harm to others.

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