a solo bird on sand
a pondering lone bird on sand

The longer we put words on the shelf, the more difficult it is to take them down, assemble them, pick them out, line them up, polish and display them in an organized, coherent, meaningful and attractive manner. Reading indiscriminately will cause indigestion like a glutton gorging on food. Words are food for thoughts. Good words are good nourishment for the hungry soul. A person who does not read sufficient proper books suffers malnutrition of the soul, because he or she often ends up feeding excessively on physical food and mass media junks. Persistent feeding on junks shows. The window to the soul-the eyes will have a glazed look of arid, bored, uninteresting, and perhaps even lifeless emptiness within. The same for a writer who has become dusty because of other preoccupations.

It has been sometime since I last wrote. Searching for something to spring clean I stumbled on this blog. Sorry, I said. Of course it takes time to do something or think of something to do or write. Putting the new coat on and fingers on the keyboard help. I hope you like the new look. 😉

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