in Light 2Looking through the photographs taken in recent months and stored in a temporary file in the external hard disc, attempting to fine comb them, keeping a select few and discarding the rest, so that the backup storage can be freed to accommodate more, newer and perhaps better ones, this sentimental writer just cannot make up the mind.

Decision over keeping and discarding is really hard for one who values every moment captured in the memory, good or better. Life is full of choices. From the moment one is born to the moment one leaves this world for good.

In the matter of photos one needs not just good eyes, one needs a heart that can discern and recognize value that matters. But who is to set the value criteria for the individual photographer? How to know which one you will miss sometime in future? Sentiments and feelings are transient -here today and gone tomorrow. Like travel choices. Not one traveler can ever be sure what he or she will meet the next moment.

Often I see a person smiling for no obvious reason, feet suddenly halted, eyes sparkling, fixed on something, a prim and proper small dog walking on the pavement wearing a pink polka dot sweater, a young athletic mother pushing a pram and jogging at the same time while the big size toddler inside chuckling away both having a field day, a window display of old records or old books at a tiny shop front in a back street, food and drink menu at the entrance of a lonely oriental-style cafe in a _star hotel, a tattered and weather beaten wooden bench for two at a deserted bus-stop in a sleepy village, an old time slapstick comedy on the screen of a TV at a road-side open air coffee and light snacks stall or even after a friendly greeting with someone on the road. Smile is an outcome. The choice behind the smile matters. The individual makes a choice to remember the good part of life no matter how distant it has become.

If faces are like Facebook post with an icon for viewers to click, this writer would have clicked countless ‘like’s on many faces met over many traveling years. I have been so blessed with the good choices from others. Perhaps one day someone would invent the live ‘icons’ we can click ‘like’ on people’s faces. The more ‘likes’ are given to and received from others the more the face ‘glows’. There should be a validity check too, such as, genuine, sincere, honest, and without secret agenda or ulterior motive.

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