cropped-letter-writing.gifWriting is not what it seems to be. I used to think that being a writer means you have to be an author of books, fiction or non-fiction. I thought it would be difficult to make a living unless you are pretty good and/or popular. I thought most writers, given a chance, would have chosen something more stable and more widely in demand in terms of earning stable monetary return. However, one day I registered myself with a job hunter and am now on their mailing list for writing/editorial/reporting jobs. Daily I receive an email advising available related jobs. I do not apply them. I just look at them as a way to gauge the writing profession as a viable gainful commercial employment. The list of jobs looking for candidates to fit in is an eye-opener. Writing is not what it seems. The scope and demand for good or relevant writing are beyond imagination. All sorts of commercial and non-commercial corporate organizations and a wide range of trades and industries are looking for persons who can write or rather copy write their information and promotion materials, online or in print. Another kind of data processor. This influx of new demand amazes me. Writing is not such a bleak and lonely lofty industrial island after all. You become part of the corporate team, working with all departments and become a know-all-generalist. Suddenly you have stepped onto the fast track of the corporate machine. There are various related jobs like: Online writer, Content marketing,  Social media marketing,  Modern web writer (infographic). Commercially speaking, “one of the best things about starting a copywriting business is that copywriters are always in demand and you can start your business with little up-front cost and even run it on a part time basis.” Someone said. Indeed, the Word Business. It requires nothing except you.

As for me? I thought I have left the selling scene before.  It seems quite attractive and interesting to re-enter. Perhaps on piece-meal. Freelance. Just to test the water.

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