a winter day on higher ground

2007 green and brownI know the depressive feeling. It is not really a feeling. It is a mood. For example, A  mood means “the atmosphere or pervading tone of something, especially a work of art: Monet’s “Mornings on the Seine” series, with their hushed and delicate mood.” I know the inner swing to a higher ground, like “a morally or spiritually elevating; inspiring happiness or hope: an uplifting tune.” I know on both planes the person who manifests such moods is not me but a snapshot of me in a particular space in time.
I took this photo while traveling up a mountain in a coach. The colours are painting themselves into a picture of motion. The clear demarcation between green and brown seems the work of an invisible meticulous artist executing a gigantic brush, demonstrating to his disciples the use of brush work to blend two contrasting yet harmonious colours.
My mood then was uplifting. These are the factors that contributed to the elevating mood: the motion of climbing, expectation of newness, the green vitality, the brown solid foundation, and an overall freshness and renewal in my spirit.
I am thankful for the ability and mobility I have in my life. I remember a picture that says, “If you find that you are in a wrong story, just get out.”
I have discovered that we can always get out of a wrong story. A harmful and unhappy mood means a wrong story. Get out. Get into your sanctuary.


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