Learning (daily prompt)
rare oil flowerThis snapshot is taken from a small portion of an original oil painting of flowers that look like porcelain. Many years ago someone gave the oil painting to a medical practitioner and it occupied a prominent spot on her wall for fifteen years. When she decided to retire early and closed her clinic she had no place to hang it anymore. It lied among a group of paintings for some years. I chanced upon this when clearing the store. After giving it a clean up I took some snapshots of the flowers at various angles with and without daylight, at random and for no particular reasons. I normally do not do this kind of things. What has made me try to capture a fragment of a memory of someone else’s past?  I look at this picture and marvel at my action. It is a rare behavior as far as I am concerned. But I was not acting on impulse. I remember that morning when I looked at some old things in a store. I was looking for something else. The oil painting was in the way. So I looked at it and thought perhaps I could still find a gem here. Maybe one of the flowers I captured would one day appear in my blog somewhere somehow under a different name. I chose this particular flower because she was bending/bowing its head, perhaps nodding and saying yes. Looking at this picture again today I realize that in a way she is a rare gem. Not exceptionally outstanding and I cannot even figure out the name of the painter, and yet she has a way of making a statement by being herself. Why was she bending? Was she under the sway of the wind? Was the pressure of lifting up her head a bit heavy for her delicate stalk? Did a toddler accidentally spill some milk on her? If she is real she must be quite rare with all those colors. I am still learning.

weekly photo challenge:Rare

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