after the concertAfter a spirited concert performed by a high school with junior and senior girls under a locally acclaimed award winning talented but somewhat temperamental conductor who was known to have threatened to cancel the top three best pieces just before the concert, we strolled outside with lingering excitement and contentment. Parents and visitors like us packed the hall and crowded the waiting lounges. We were all waiting for ours or someone else’s little ones. They sang songs from various nations and did a good job considered the hours, days, weeks, months and years they had put into it! I was told that on one occasion all 85 girls cried their hearts out when the conductor canceled their best “a cappella” (singing without accompanying music) pieces. He felt that they were not good enough and were unworthy to sing those pieces. Regardless how they sang that night we all stood up at the end and gave the girls a standing ovation anyway! Reason? They are our children or our friends’ children. In fact we thoroughly enjoyed the whole concert due to the choice of songs and the lively performances. No, we did not worry about whether they were worthy to sing them or not. Every singing girl had someone close who thought the best of her. It was a night of melody performed by angels as far as we were concerned.


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