mirrored-ceilingSometimes it is hard to decide what to share in terms of photos. I tend to take too many at one go and then have a hard time deciding which to keep and which to discard. Part of the problem with a mobile smart phone. It is very convenient to use and easy to carry around. Like this photo which was taken in a place some of us ventured inside just to use its rest room. But I couldn’t resist the ceiling and the lightings. Here it is, a place of many lights. (Reduced from the original size.)

Somehow today I read this,
“I turned around to see the voice that was speaking to me. And when I turned I saw seven golden lamp stands,’ (Revelation 1:12)


One thought on “And when I turned I saw…(mirrored lamps)

  1. Beautiful reflections of beautiful lamps. Especially I am so charmed by these oriental lamps which they sell a lot on their markets. It’s hard to see their reflection because there are hundreds of them on the selling, walls, everywhere…


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