an interpretation on “the road taken”

pacific-17-mile-driveThe Road Taken The reason I choose this picture taken at the end of 2015 November is that it tells a story. Some will recognize that this is a popular place at the Pacific coast. The road is actually a walk way to get to the spot where tourists can view the spectacular Pacific Ocean. I was with others who were all in a hurry to get to the next spot. We were traveling with tight schedule, racing against time and perhaps weather. But the sky was clear and beautiful. The ocean was calm that day.

A road ideally connects two ends. Perhaps two persons who long to meet. But often in real life we build roads for a different purpose. I now remember a little poem written by a king who lost his kingdom  and his loved ones in another language. I shall translate one verse with my own interpretation about “a road taken” as follows:
My hopes in gulls with your fresh news futile. Road is too far old dreams too shattered to tie.


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