reflection1 Here is a conversation overheard.

Child: Mom, I can touch the clouds.
Mother: No you can’t.
Child: Yes I can.
Mother: No, they are too high up.
Child reaches her hands into the water, and says, “See, here they are, not high at all.”
Mother: No, you are not touching the real ones. These are mere reflections.
Child laughs and ignores the mother. She continues to play with the clouds’ reflection in the water dancing at the touch of her hands. She is happy.

If the reflections do not have a meaningful purpose why does God create reflections? A point to ponder on.


9 thoughts on “a child’s reflective conversation

  1. The mother and child conversation made me ponder about the way I look at things. Sometimes I can only see the impossible yet if I change my perspective, the impossible becomes possible. Thank you for sharing. 🙂


    1. Thank you for your comment. Yes, perspective changes when we shift the paradigm and step into a wider realm. We start seeing a whole new opportunity, reality and positivity.

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