She did not meet the local

a January morning.jpegIt was a beautiful clear morning in January. She had newly arrived in the new place for a fortnight stay and was waiting for someone to take leave to show her around the scenic places. On this day the host of her lodging place and his whole family accompanied her to a local mall where they could shop for some branded stuff. It was a sunny day and the sky looked dripping with a lovely blue, indeed her favorite color. It explains why the sky occupies a big portion of the photo. No, she did not take any snapshot of the local shopping mall and the local, mainly young people busy with buying or looking at stuff.

Did she miss anything in terms of local life? Her collection of the photos are mostly skies and cloud and trees and water and mountains and roads and a few ordinary house dogs. What kind of travel memento are these? Someone asks. She agrees that they are not much of a memento as there are hardly any people or cultural or historical stuff or building or monuments. When she asks herself why she did not seem to show interest in taking their photos, she realizes that she just doesn’t want to be attached. She can remain detached as long as she records the general picture of nature. When she returns home or travels to another zone she still has the sky, the trees, the water, the mountains, the cloud, the roads, the green plants, and perhaps the occasional encounter with someone’s ordinary house dogs. In a way, you can say she prefers the non-branded generic stuff to which one needs not be particularly attached. General and not specifically Local .