their ember glows on…

A Glow that still glimmers. I am fascinated with letter writing. I mean the kind of letters that really matters, both to the writer and the recipient. Not so long ago we all wrote letters. We wrote letters of real words, often with genuine feelings and thoughts. Crossing a rather long causeway one evening I … Continue reading their ember glows on…


Become rounded in jazz reminiscence

Become Rounded at a jazz restaurant.  Some years ago I casually became accustomed to jazz recordings performed by several female artists whose albums happened to be available in a tiny sleepy town. It started one day when someone real close got hold of one lone jazz album, Cool Edinburgh jazz vocalist Niki King's Azure. After listening to her … Continue reading Become rounded in jazz reminiscence

two songs on evanescent visions

t As I am writing my story on Kate (Blue Flower)'s return to the house of Dreaming Swiftlets in her own evanescent encounter, I am led to these two songs. They are old time classic, still the best old loves in the memories of many from the Evanescent era. The photos are screen shots using a … Continue reading two songs on evanescent visions

a night at the concert

Melody After a spirited concert performed by a high school with junior and senior girls under a locally acclaimed award winning talented but somewhat temperamental conductor who was known to have threatened to cancel the top three best pieces just before the concert, we strolled outside with lingering excitement and contentment. Parents and visitors like … Continue reading a night at the concert