the “reasons” why we do not celebrate together anymore

For at least a decade the traveler's heart has stopped assigning a significance or meaning (connected to relationship) to any festive season. It is not intentional. It is just a matter of circumstances. The rare occasions a festive celebration occurred was associated with the presence of kid(s). Non-celebration frees one up to do some other … Continue reading the “reasons” why we do not celebrate together anymore


he made a difference

A Face in the Crowd. Sometimes a face just stands out for no particular reason. It was quite a crowd in the restaurant and a rather busy day in the see-through kitchen where they made pizzas. I cannot remember whether the food was better than elsewhere but when I look at this picture now I can … Continue reading he made a difference

edge of light and season

Edge The edge that demarcates light from darkness fascinates me. The contrast is so clear in this picture taken in last September. The dark side is a wall of hedges. I was new to this place and was walking along the side of the road. The trees on the other side were turning into autumn's yellow but the willow … Continue reading edge of light and season

a night at the concert

Melody After a spirited concert performed by a high school with junior and senior girls under a locally acclaimed award winning talented but somewhat temperamental conductor who was known to have threatened to cancel the top three best pieces just before the concert, we strolled outside with lingering excitement and contentment. Parents and visitors like … Continue reading a night at the concert

“Leaving behind” is like a taboo statement.

"Leaving behind" is like a taboo statement. We don't want to talk about it much or not at all if possible. As a child I often dreamed of being left behind by people or events: my mom, teachers, classmates, going somewhere by bus or train and being left behind after I went down at one … Continue reading “Leaving behind” is like a taboo statement.

Writing with a passion

Writing is like being in love. There must be an unquenchable passion. My experience is that great writings come with passion. They are no longer mere words being grouped together to form something. They are lives. The lives of real people. The lives that matter to real people. Writing is passion for life. When I … Continue reading Writing with a passion